Surface surplus!


Each PlasmaJet® consists of a high voltage generator and a plasma nozzle. The plasma is produced inside the plasma nozzle through a high voltage discharge between two electrodes. The process gas surrounding the electrodes is converted to plasma which escapes to the outside by flowing through a nozzle. When the gas jet activated in this manner is directed towards, for instance, a plastic surface, increased wettability is achieved.

Air is the ideal process gas. It has produced outstanding treatment results in the past. Selection of suitable outlet nozzles allows processing of even difficult-to-access workpiece geometries, such as complex contours or three-dimensional bodies. The low weight of the plasma nozzle and its flexible gas and energy input facilitates its assembly on a robot arm. We offer you the full range of special machinery for integrating PlasmaJet® into your production flow.


  • Treatment width up to 10 mm
  • Low-noise operation
  • Plain text messages
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Power regulation
  • Setpoint limitation
  • Continuous process monitoring
  • Bus-capable
  • Interface for remote control
  • Operation memory
  • …and much more

  • Each PlasmaJet® has a generator module for
  • individual selection
  • separate monitoring
  • individual replacement
  • expandability

Technology from raantec is already being successfully used in the following areas:

aerospace industry
IT & telecom
Automotive engineering and the motor industry
Plastics and rubber production
Metal industry and processing
Eletrical engineering
Food industry
Chemical industry

We would be pleased to inform you about specific reference projects from your industry and field of activity. On request we can also acquaint you with individual projects.