we like it super - superficially


Surfaces of different materials obtain new characteristics and fields of application:

Cleaning, dedusting, degreasing, activating, adhering, varnishing, coating...

Modular concept of raantec standard parts enables fast and easy local replacement due to our customers.

Modular system

Our generators allow operation of 2 sparate PlaSphere® with 1 generator and optional rotation control.

System is pluggable and allows simple and cost-effective retrofitting of second system. You may also use additonal plasma application besides the PlaSphere® e.g. another PlasmaJet® with the same generator.


Key features:

Treatment width of 20-70mm depending on the nozzle.

Overall weight of PlaSphere® is 3.2kg (without flexible tube).

raantec standard parts guarantee fast, cost-effective and easy component replacement.

State-of-the-art generators with modular plug-in system enable the operation of 2 PlaSphere® with one generator - principle: "Plug-in-&-Work".

Optional rotation control.

Plain text messages.


Power control.

Setpoint limitation.

Continuous process monitoring.


Operation memory.

and much more...

Replaceable nozzle heads

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