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Plasma technology 4.0

The only comparison worth making!

PlasmaJet® technology from raantec is a highly efficient surface treatment process, opening up unimagined application possibilities at atmospheric pressure.

Using our plasma technology, the surfaces of extremely diverse materials gain entirely new properties and application options:
cleaning, dedusting, degreasing, deburring, activating, bonding, painting, coating ...


Every project starts with a task to be solved and raantec is there to advise you at all times. We help you specify your requirements and accompany you throughout the various project phases. Our engineers determine all the relevant parameters for you. We provide you with series systems or individually designed systems in which all the production factors applicable to your actual process are optimally considered. It goes without saying that these systems can also be expanded later on to meet the growing needs of your product.

Cost-efficient plasma systems are only obtainable from us. We don't shy away from price comparisons. You can operate our PlasmaJet® brand plasma generators at well under 150 watts up to 700 watts.

All systems are designed as ready-to-plug-in modular constructions. We call this system "Plug-in & Work". At raantec no expensive commissioning and repairs are involved. Simply ask us. Whatever the problem, our service staff is available to assist you whenever needed. The features of our generators are unique, as is the simple operation of all systems.