PlateExakt 600

  • Cylinder attachment
    Quick cylinder exchange, no tools required
    (min. 60 mm, max. 220 mm in diameter)
  • Cylinder locking
    Locking device for cylinders with support discs
    (min. 60 mm, max. 220 mm in diameter)
  • Tape storage
    Adjustable holder for max. 3 tape rolls. No tools required for adjusting variable dimensions.
  • Vacuum table
    When put in position, plates are fixed on the bench in order to guarantee precise and efficient processing.
  • Camera system
    Camera system (50x optical magnification) – slidable on a linear precision guide. Centrally synchronised and individually adjustable for different widths by using the hand wheel.

  • Pressure roller
    Pneumatically supported application to ensure constant pressure for mounting the plate evenly and bubble-free.

  • Foldable bench
    Improved handling of larger plates (supporting table in front of the sleeve or cylinder).

  • Precision adjustment
    Ensure fast and precise adjustment of the plate with adjusting screws.

  • Height adjustment
    Pneumatic switching between 2 plate thicknesses.

  • Table extension
    Improved handling of larger plates.

  • Alignment cylinder
    Precision tool for camera calibration.

  • Fixture
    Attachment for support disc cylinder. Adapter function for attachment of support disc cylinder. (min. 60 mm, max. 220 mm cylinder diameter)

  • Interlock
    Locking device for the support disc cylinder. For securing and fixing the cylinder inside the assembly device. (min. 60 mm, max. 220 mm cylinder diameter)

  • Precision laser
    Quick and easy optical control of the plate’s position by means of a laser line.

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